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3 Types of Lighting that Your Home Needs

There are three types of lighting that every home needs. By learning about these three types, you'll be able to make sure you meet your home's lighting requirements and that it is providing you with the right ambiance. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to light your home. These days bulbs use practically no power. Choose energy-efficient bulbs for your lights. Also, shop for your lighting supplies at a wholesale lighting company. These lighting suppliers offer beautiful selections at incredible prices.

Light the Way with General Everyday Lighting

General lighting is the primary lighting that illuminates your room. It is usually the overhead lighting that you turn on when you enter a room. It can be plain or fancy. Examples of general lighting include the following.

  • Ceiling light fixture.

  • Ceiling fan lights.

  • Chandeliers.

  • In some cases, a lamp is a leading light in the room, and that would be considered general lighting.

  • Recessed lighting.

Stay on Task with Task Lighting

Task lighting has a purpose. It's in place to make it easier to see when you're performing particular tasks. It can be a lamp on a desk. It can be wall sconces on each side of the bed, for the times when you want to read in bed. Task lighting is the light that gives you a bit of extra sparkle that you need when you're doing something.

Show it Off under Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is lighting that focuses on one area, usually on a particular object. If you have a beautiful painting that you want to show off, you may decide to light that area up with accent lighting. These lights can be in the form of wall sconces, torchiere lamps, track lighting, or lamps.

In Some Houses, there is the Fourth Type of Lighting

Decorative lighting is the fourth type of light, though not all homes bother with it. Some don't have to worry about it, because their other lighting is decorative. This type of lighting features beautiful fixtures that tend to draw the eye and dress up a room. Any of the above three types of light can also combine with decorative lighting. For this reason, it's not always considered a separate category.

General, task, and accent lighting are all essential components in the home. Light not only enables you to see inside your home, but it's also a way to make your home sparkle and shine, and it makes it easier to do the tasks that you have to do each day.

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