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Ventilation Fans and Commercial Lighting Solutions

Building construction today emphasizes energy efficiency and building contractors are air-sealing homes to allow the heat to stay inside, keeping your home warm and your heating bills low. However, there is a price to pay for the warmth and energy savings, and the sacrifice is air quality. That’s why more contractors and building owners are investing in ventilation fans.

Ventilation and illumination

The air inside these air-sealed buildings is stagnant and even worse, contaminants from outside are brought indoors and never leave. This is also problematic for people who suffer from allergies because allergens from outdoors and pet dander won’t leave the interior air but instead rest inside, causing allergy sufferers to suffer even more. Fortunately, ventilation fans, which can also be connected to your commercial lighting plan, will get the air moving properly and make a big difference in air quality.

Fans that are connected to commercial lighting are designed in a way that hides the fan from view, with the only thing visible being the recessed lighting. These types of advanced lighting and ventilation solutions provide attractive and helpful lighting. A big ventilation appliance that needs to be clearly exposed and throws off your interior design is no longer a necessary evil.

Current lighting trends give consumers options that wouldn’t have seemed possible in the past. For instance, sensor lighting provides greater control and accessibility to needed adjustable lighting and can be configured into the building's architectural design. Lighting is going beyond mere illumination and helping with air quality and other building needs.

These new and exciting lighting designs are created to work in compliance with new building code requirements. These lighting solutions are also coordinated with the popular trend of Daylight Harvesting, allowing you to combine your lighting with natural daylight for greater energy efficiency. Lights are designed to automatically dim or increase in brightness depending on the amount of natural daylight.

Important trends: Natural and environmentally-friendly

The trend in decorating takes a smaller carbon footprint into consideration and more choices are aimed towards conservation rather than over-consumption. There is also a decorating trend towards using natural materials in lighting design. Lights constructed from materials like natural cork, bamboo, and wicker are popular.

When it comes to making sure your building is properly lighted and ventilated, there are more choices than ever before. Amazing technology lies at your fingertips and your building and design options are limitless. When looking for ventilation or lighting solutions, do not limit yourself to the conventional options. Explore all the new and fantastic options that are available to you.

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