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Why Range Hoods are all the Rage Right Now

Kitchen hoods are not just necessary in a functional kitchen, but they can also be an element of design that can bring noticeable elegance and charm. While research confirms that cooking with even a standard stove can emit a concerning cocktail of dangerous compounds and chemicals, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and others, which is why every kitchen should have extraction installed directly above the stove.


Whether you love cooking or not, a beautiful kitchen design is usually the selling point of every household. It is a common notion that the state of one’s kitchen is a true mirror that describes the level of a person’s cleanliness. Installing a kitchen hood is not only necessary for the absorption of potentially harmful chemicals as a safety feature, but it’s also an essential kitchen fixture that will bring cleanliness to your cooking room. This is because it will also assist will the reduction of moisture buildup that appears as unsightly molding and oil splatter marks on the walls and countertops near the stove.

Standout Designs

Kitchen hoods are otherwise referred to as range hoods and if the needed functions don’t seem to impress you much, then the wide variety of designs will. Simply because these kitchen fixtures are essential, does not mean that they are only available in standard, boring designs. Shopping around for this kitchen accessory is great, as it allows you to get a better idea of the wide range of designs. Some standout design ideas of range hoods can complement the following kitchen designs:

  • Copper - for a luxury feel.

  • Wooden - for a country home atmosphere.

  • Silver - for a modern kitchen design.

  • Compact - for smaller spaces.

Considering Tempting Kitchen Design Ideas

We are all entitled to individual design preferences, especially when the kitchen area is concerned. While some of us may feel more inclined to opt for rustic and relaxed home designs, others find modern simplicity appealing. However, there is absolutely no need to stick to only one design ideas, considering interior decorators seem to be incorporating two or more design plans together to create some of the most stunning spaces imaginable. If you feel somewhat unable to settle on one specific design plan, it would be a great idea to shop around and even consult an interior designer who can assist with incorporating your personal preferences when designing your kitchen and incorporating an appealing range hood.

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