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Bathroom Style Guide: Three Amazing Sinks to Consider

You are probably familiar with the wall mounted sink that is found in many homes. However, did you know that there are other options available? There are many different types of sinks you can choose from when designing a bathroom. They come in a wide range of looks and prices, so no matter what your style or budget is, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Before you search for ‘sinks near me’, take a look at these three amazing sink designs and see if they match the rest of your bathroom supplies.

Pedestal sink

The pedestal sink is a classic, floor-mounted sink that is often found in older homes. It is an excellent option if you have a small bathroom and need to save space for your bathroom supplies. It is also a great option if you want to make your sink the focal point of the bathroom.

Pedestal sinks appear to be a sink mounted on top of a pedestal. In many cases, this is true, but not always. In some cases, the sink is a standard wall mounted sink, and the pedestal adds a decorative touch, while concealing the plumbing lines.

Vessel sink

If you are looking for a more modern design, the vessel sink may be just for you. The vessel can be any design you want, from a porcelain china bowl to blown art glass. It is placed on a countertop that is fastened to a vanity base mounted to the floor and wall.

These sinks tend to need non-standard faucets and waste drain systems that fit the chosen vessel. However, this does not need to be expensive. There are vessel sink options that fit a wide range of budgets.

Under-mount sink

For those looking to spend extra and want a slick, clean look, an under-mount sink may be the style for you. These sinks need to be installed into solid surface counters, such as stone. They are mounted from the underside of the counter and are slightly larger than the opening. This is to create a lip or overhang over the bowl. This sink is typically available in materials such as china, stainless steel, copper, or resin.

These are just three of your sink options for a bathroom renovation. To learn more about them or any other type of sink, look for ‘sinks near me’ to discover a local professional who can assist you in designing the perfect bathroom.

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